Tips To Your Child Obesity

Life can be cruel to the obese. Not everybody is strong enough to deal with that cruelty. Children especially succumb to this cruelty that strips and robs them of so very much. Children lose their self-esteem, their personal freedom as they become withdrawn, and they lose hope that they will ever fit in. It’s a cruel way of life and a sad way to live as a young child or a teen. Typically these years are a time when your child wants nothing more than to be accepted.

Remedies to aid obesity can change your child’s life for good. You can make it a personal mission of yours that over the next few months, you give yourself that chance to see results in your child. One thing that may be difficult for your child is resisting temptation and losing focus on the ultimate goal. That’s where you come in. You are your child’s most valuable mentor, guardian angel, and educator. As with anything in life even for adults, there is always the easy way out. For a child who deals with obesity, giving up is the easy way out. Giving up on yourself, though, is allowing yourself to continue in a life that breeds the cruelty inherent with obesity. Allowing your child to give up says it’s OK with me that you deal with pain and hurt. As the adult in your child’s life, you become instrumental in helping your child overcome childhood obesity that could very well lead to diabetes or heart disease.

The sad reality that most people who deal with even a slight level of obesity face is that childhood obesity really does place you in a risk category for serious complications later on in life. The sooner you change your child’s diet and exercise habits, the sooner you help your child overcome obesity. It may not be an easy task to undertake, but you must trust that you are doing right by your child. Stay strong for your child now so that he/she lives longer tomorrow.

Some of the simplest changes can mean life versus death to a child who is obese. From a more basic perspective, your child needs love. He/she needs to know that you accept them for who they are, but must encourage them for themselves to commit to life. They need to understand that you are making changes that will affect everyone for the benefit of everyone in the family and that the one that stands to gain the most, however, is them because their obesity places them in a risk category that you don’t want to see them in. Chances are, your child knows they are obese. Tap dancing around it might not be in their best interest. Involve your child by asking him/her to help you prepare a plan of action to a healthier way of living. This plan is your stepping stone to life. A drawing, perhaps, or a map drawn out with pictures and colors can be something the entire family does together.

It may be difficult to add in a daily regiment of exercise, but this is a natural remedy that you can enjoy together. Encourage your child to dance in his/her room, to jump rope in the garage, to do sit ups in bed while watching tv, to run up and down the stairs with 3 pound weights, to run in place to music. A daily regiment of simple tasks to begin with will eventually lead to distance jogging, walking, hiking, and many many wonderful outdoor sports. Take time to build a level of fitness otherwise you can injure yourself and be out for a while. Just commit to life by committing to this daily exercise program. It can even be 15 minutes three times a day for starters for 7 days, then 30 minutes twice a day ensuring a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down for the next 7 days, then on to a 1 hour cardio workout either at the gym on the treadmill, or around the high school track or local park and commit to that for the next year. Your program will take off and your child will thank you some day. It all starts with a plan and a commitment to life.